Land of contrasts, of smiles and breathtaking landscapes, Thailand invites you to discover it with new eyes.
We hope that through our articles you will be able to better organize your holiday in a more eco friendly way that does not damage the nature and the country’s historical treasures.
Most tourists choose this country because it is a cheap destination but unfortunately this type of tourism impoverishes it and it is not sustainable. We see more and more resorts and hotels at all costs raising up of nowhere but behind the luxurious offer for tourists, Thai people live in unhealthy conditions and at every street corner the smell of waste vanishes all appetite.
Thailand remains today a country of paradise islands and turquoise waters but in which one no longer sees only the ballet of colorful fishes but unfortunately also lot waste (paper, glass, plastic, oil etc) and tons of tourists.

Country overview

Capital city-Bangkok : Hyperactive, exciting and amazing, the capital of Siam surprises everybody! You may cross next to luxury hotels old houses and skyscrapers. Pollution and hyperactivity of this city will disappoint many sporttrotters but it is a nice spot for a stopover. Those who  enjoy shopping, this is the  shopping Mecca ! You can find anything at any price ;).

Regions: 77

Currency- THB or Bath : you can find banks and exchange offices in all cities. Exchange rate EUR/THB 1 € ~ 41 THB (2014)

Language – Thai : But in the touristic areas almost everybody speaks english 😉 Do not expect to more that basic conversation!

Transportation: You’ll have a lot of options: domestic flights (for the important touristic places) but also trains and buses can carry you in the four corners of the country if you have enough time.

Electricity: 220 V, 50 HZ You normally don’t need adapter for the power outlets but sometimes it depends of your hotel or hostel. 😉

Phone: +66

Accommodation: The country has it all: hotels, hostels, campsites or B&B. Prices range from 5 to 300 € or even more for luxury hotels and resorts. Prices can be very low if you look for basic accomodation.

Food to taste : Thai cuisine is exotic and tasty but unfortunately less traditional in tourist areas (lots of chemicals in food to add flavor and replace the lack of fresh vegetables in the dishes). More and more chains like Mcdonalds, etc Starbooks invaded the towns and swept the small street cooks who prepared delicious traditional thai food.

Outdoor activities:
Thailand has much to offer for nature lovers.But you must pay attention not to destroy it and to encourage a sustainable tourism.

To start with the spectacular mountains which will offer many opportunities for hiking but also rafting for exemple in the north and the region of Chiang Mai. You can find ideas for hikes on wikiloc or every trail.  It is sometimes difficult to find the right tracks and you can easily get lost, so we advise you to go with a local guide.

Secondly, you’ll find many outstanding diving and snorkelling spots. Ko Tao is  number one  for diving certificates worldwide, but other popular spots attract divers from all over the world : Ko Samui, Khao lak, the Similian islands and the Gulf of Andaman and all its beautiful islands are the most visited.
However, we recommend caution when choosing your diving club because you don’t always have good advice  and there are many accidents. Also the prices are very high, almost as high as in Europe !

Important ! Check if your insurance covers this activity because the diving school does not cover you for all type of accidents.
Of course Thailand offers a full range of watersports including sailing, kitesurfing, canoeing …. You can find rentals on the beach or next to the hotels but they are expensive. If possible bring your own equipment ,you’ll enjoy it more !


Thailand also offers many spots for climbing especially in Krabi area . Do not miss it if you have experience and if you only look for nice views and the tourists crowds do not bother you! You can ask for a good climbing school but keep in mind that most of them offer the same package for the same price …

You may choose to try deep water climbing (you climb without rope  and when you are tired you just let yourseelf fall or jump into the water).

It is also possible to rent bikes for mountain biking or road biking but beware, some roads are not very safe and for mountain biking, we recommend you to go with a guide. An exemple of what you can do at Krabi.

The treks in the jungle are also banned because the local tourist agencies usually offer treks on elephant’s back. This looks nice but just watch some videos about the elephants dressings and you’ll no longer want to do it when you’ll see the pain that they must endure.

The most popular sports in Thailand :

Golf is the most popular sport in Thailand, but water sports (diving, snorkeling…) are also much practiced by locals and tourists.

Typical sport :

The Thai boxing or Muay Thai is internationally known but you may want to discover the sepak takraw (a kind of tennis ball between football and volleyball).

Plan your trip

The best time to visit Thailand is from November to March, temperatures are cooler and the monsoon is over. (Climate changes are visible here and the rainy season is longer than it used to be) Unfortunately it is also the peak season. Do not expect to enjoy alone the quietude of a paradisiacal beaches …


For less than 30 day stay, some countries won’t need a visa.

Focus SOL on the region

There is no on line official tourist information, we advise you to check this website  : krabi-tourism

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We hope that by reading our articles you will choose holidays that will bring you a real knowledge of the country, pleasure to relax in beautiful places but which will benefit not only to hoteliers and restaurateurs who do their business here but also to the Thai people.

Outdoor activities