Discover the most beautiful hungarian regions for outdoor sport activities.

Country overview

Capital city-Budapest : Pearl of the Danube is one of the most beautiful cities in the world but it is also a sports town with numerous pools and bike paths to discover its hidden beauty.

Regions: 20 with Budapest

Currency-HUF : you can find banks and exchange offices in all cities. Exchange rate EUR/HUF 1 € ~ 300 HUF

Language -Hungarian : Hungarian is a language unfamiliar and with distant origins but contrary to what one might think, this language has no Greek-Romanian or German origins. Nevertheless, many Hungarian speak English or German.

Transportation: You’ll have a lot of options: domestic flights, trains and buses can carry you in the four corners of the country.

SOL tips 🙂 If you book on line you may find interesting prices.

Electricity: 220 V, 50 HZ

Phone: +36

Accommodation: The country has it all: hotels, hostels, campsites or B&B. Prices range from 15 to 300 € or even more for luxury hotels and resorts.

You can also opt for a original accomodation by choosing staying in local family withcouchsurfing ou helpx .

Food to test: Each region has its specialties but goulash and stews are served throughout the country, if you go near Lake Balaton, do not miss the Hungarian wine and specialities of fish. Hungarian dishes generally contain a lot of paprika.

Outdoor activities: In Hungary, you’ll find all kind of outdoor activities. SOL’s mission is to share tips with you so that you fully enjoy your staying without ruin yourselves.

– Hiking in the mountains of north but also in the hills of Buda or near Budapest offers many routes (eg Dobogok). A website lists hundreds of Hungarian hiking : turistautak (meaning hiking trail in Hungarian). By cons, it is not very easy to use … More info on the site Hungarian tourism office

– Canoeing, kayaking, rowing on the many rivers in particular the Tizsa or even on Lake Balaton.

– Road bike, mountain bike: many bike paths crisscross the country. These bike paths are mostly separated from the road and flat. Similarly, many bike paths along rivers or lakes. Railways can help you kick the pedal and make special rates for bike transport.

The most popular sports in Hungary:

Water polo of course but generally water sports (swimming, canoeing, rowing …).

Plan your trip

Hungary is beautiful in any season! Its continental climate offers pleasant surprises throughout the year.

To fully enjoy all outdoor activities in Sportrotter mode, we recommend the months of May to September.

Avoid August in the South because you’ll have a crowd of tourist and all the hotels are booked, campsite and hotels double their prices and the temperatures around 30 °C are not favorable for outdoor sport activities.


For members of the Schengen area, there is no need for a visa.

Focus SOL on the region

Lake Balaton: You can find all the practical information by clicking here

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