Barbados is a country-island in the Antilles (Caraibean Sea).

It is only 34 kilometres long and up to 23 kilometres wide.

The historic Bridgetown and Garrison was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and this island is one of the most populated in the world with nearly 300 000 inhabitants.

The currency is the Barbados Dollar and is tied to the dollar at a rate of US$ 1 = BB$ 2 (2015)

For the transportation you can take a taxi or the local bus, only BB$ 2 for one ride wherever you decide to go on the island.

With a nice weather all year long and lots of dream beaches, the island has a lot to offer to Sprotrotters !

Snorkeling and Diving are perfect in Barbados and you can see a lot of marine wildlife, especially turtles and a lot of fish. There are catamarans and boats that bring you to the best snorkeling spots but you can also enjoy snorkeling directly from the beach (Carlisle Bay is one of the best)

Surf, kayaking, SUP,  kitesurf, windsurf are also popular on the east coast where the Atlantic Ocean has shaped the coastline offering dramatic landscapes.

For such a small island, Barbados is truly blessed with an incredible diversity and lots of golf courses with heavenly views over the island. But be ready to pay for the view.

 Discover the island and all it has to offer in our articles.

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