Indonesia, with over 250 million inhabitants is the 3rd democracy in the world but remains a developing country. This giant archipelago of over 1,700 islands is little open to tourism, except for some islands victim of mass tourism (Bali, Lombok …). No matter your destination in Indonesia, you will enjoy the outdoors!

When you arrive in Indonesia you’ll be hit by the same feeling as in India: we loved it or hate it. It depends on what you seek for and what you look at. Either you will remember the bad smell, the garbage lying everywhere and the harassment into buying usless stuff all the time. Or you ignore all this and try to see all the beauty this country has to offer.

The country can be proud of its exceptional marine diversity. Many tourists from around the world come to Indonesia to dive or snorkeling in its warm clear waters. To name a few of the best spots: the Banda islands, Weh, Bunaken or Raja Ampat and obviously Bali and Gili.

Indonesia is also often regarded as a hikers ‘heaven. Indeed, the country is mountainous and offers many exceptional landscapes: beautiful beaches, equatorial forests, jagged coastline, extinct volcanoes (or in activity) and impressive rice fields. Everything decorated with thousands temples fairly well preserved.

You can visit the Indonesian islands in any season because the country covers tropical to equatorial regions but prefer the period from April to November. Caution, however, some areas are subject to hurricanes.

Transportation is one of the weaknesses of this country, in fact, some islands are very hard to access and roads on the islands are in poor condition. Always check the journey times before leaving.

For those used to travel in Asia, you should expect in high tourist areas of Indonesia a similar holiday as what you’ve been able to live in Thailand or Southeast Asia. Outdoor activities are well developed for tourists on the islands with significant tourist activity at very attractive prices, but unfortunately most companies who settled there do not take into account the protection of the environment and the degradation of this beautiful island is horrible.

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