Is has been a while since I have not write an article although we experienced many outdoor activities. However, this dolphin-watching cruise in Algarve is a MUST SEE that I want to share with you.

This year we headed toward Portugal’s South cost, in the touristic region of Algarve. We stayed in a lovely B&B Akosua in a small town next to Figuieira Beach and 10 minutes away from the fishing village of Burgau, where a lovely family company, Algarve Dolphin Lovers, was located.
We hesitated to book a tour because the same week we already had a quite disappointing catamaran dolphin watching in Setubal.
After several exchanges with other tourists and with local companies offering the tour, we decided to try it. 
Rodrigo , the company’s owner who is also a marine biologist, charmed us. He explained to us why we have such a rich sea life in this area, how to spot the dolphins and what measures are in place in Portugal in order to protect the dolphins. 

After one hour of smooth cruise, we spot a pod of bottlenose dolphins, which are some of the friendliest dolphins. We get as close as possible, while respecting the distance not to disturb them. Once we approached the spot something magical happened, two other pods of dolphins came along and this mysterious creatures, who also seemed to enjoy our company, surrounded us . 

Words or pictures cannot describe this feeling of happiness inspired by the dolphins.  We spend 15 minutes with them and then we headed for the beach. 

We were lucky as we had nice weather and no other boat was at the same spot while we were with the dolphins. This region is home to five different dolphin species and the landscapes along the coast are amazing so you should definitely try this outdoor activity if you want to know more about the sea life and have a great time.
The price for a tour is the same with all the companies 40 euros/ adult and 25euros/ child 

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