Sand yachting in Saint Brévin

Country: France
Region: Pays de la Loire
Outdoor activities: sand yachting (Land sailing)
Price: 34 € for 1h 30 or 105 € for 4 sessions.
Sustainable tourism rating : écotourisme-5-SOL

Saint Brévin, located in the estuary of the Loire , just a few kilometers from Saint Nazaire is one of the best places in France for sand yachting.

course-char-a-voileThe sand yachting is a kind of kart powered by a sail. We had the opportunity to test the Blokart in South Africa (see article here) but we also wanted to test the sand yachting, his cousin.

landyachtingWe met with the team Eole Karting Sensations on the Saint Brévin main beach (Pays de la Loire). The good news on this cold spring morning was that the wind was perfect (wind speed 25 km / h).

instructions-char-a-voileWe started with the basic training and once Matthieu gave us the go, we followed the wind direction steering the sand yacht with our feets and accelerating by pulling on the rope ( for the Blokart, we only use our hands).

surfonaleaf-char-a-voile world-best-sandyachtingAfter a few turns on an easy tour our instructor, Matthieu, concocts a slightly more complicated circuit with a dozen corners and we go again (we were ten that morning and for me is a good number to be able to have enough space and also to have lots of fun).

meilleur-char-a-voileSometimes we drove at a speed of over 40 km / h (sand yachting can go 2.5 times the wind speed). What a pleasure to feel the wind carrying us in a delightful setting between the sand dunes and the ocean. We highly recommend this ecological and fun activity.


Like the karting, sand yachting is more fun with friends, come with your famlly and friends as for groups of 5 or more people there are nice discounts.

The pros :

We can practice this activity throughout the year. Spring and autumn are the best seasons as during summer, the area where the practice is permitted is reduced.

Saint Brevin is a paradise for those who love beach sports. You can practice a multitude of sports: yachting, kite mountain boarding, kite-buggy (between yachting and kite surfing), kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, stand-up padle, catamaran … The beach is huge flat and shallow sea, making it a perfect spot to start water sports.


The cons:

The sand yachting is dependent on weather conditions, but also on  the tide as you will need a low  tide to have enough hard sand and strong winds. Check with operators to know the best time.

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