Shark cage diving

Country : South Africa
Outdoor Activity : Cage shark diving
Sustainable rating : écotourisme-4-SOL

What would you say if somebody would ask you to lock yourself in a cage surrounded by sharks? You would mostly answer that you must be crazy to try such an activity.

We thought the same thing before arriving at Mossel Bay in South Africa.

This controversial activity is one of the best activities we’ve tried since we started our round the world trip and we will describe our experience so you can get an idea and change your mind ;).

All the sharks, since the regrettably famous movie Jaws, are seen as the most frightening creatures in our oceans.


Yes they aren’t as cute as dolphins nor as sweet as seals but they aren’t either as dangerous as we tend to think. Humans kill more sharks in one year than all the sharks together ever killed humans, so let’s think twice before puting labels.

Of course it is much more impressive to see a shark attacking a surfer, especially during the World Surfing Championship, than to show the humans cruelty towards these noble creatures.

Why choose cage diving with sharks? Just because we often fear the unknown and what we do not understand and this activity allows us to have a very intimate nose to nose with the great white.

rencontre-avec-les-renquins-blancsSeveral companies between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town offer cage diving with sharks but the most renowned places are Mossel Bay and Gansbai.

Surfonaleaf team chose the Gulf of Mossel Bay as a spot to experience this activity. It took only 15 minutes by boat to White Shark Africa to bring us to the diving spot ( 2015 price – from 1450 Rand).

This company impressed us with the conservation approach and all the volunteering programs they put in place to try to educate and raise awareness on this great fish, king of the oceans.

We arrived at their offices at 8.15 for a delicious breakfast and interaction with the crew members, exchanges and questions about the activity and the sharks.

At 9.00, we were on the boat (a 10meters boat welcoming up to 17 passengers) direction, the seal island.

boat-white-shark-africa trip-white-shark-africaSeals are the favourite prey of sharks and here is one of the biggest seal colonies (more than 4000).

Seal-island-mossel-bayAs soon as we arrived, two sharks were in the waters realizing impressive jumps.

cage-requins-blancWe were split into two groups and the first group (6 people) went into the cage while the second group remained on the boat. Each group remains in the water for about thirty minutes, but it is enough to observe these impressive creatures and feel the adrenaline.


The cage is attached to the boat and even if we imagine ourselves being dropped in the ocean, the cage is only partially submerged.
No need to know how to swim because will stay still when, even the most courageous remain speechless when sharks approach the cage and look you straight in the eye.

white-shark-mossel-bay white-shark-south-africa requin-blanc-afrique-du-sud

The activity lasts 3-4 hours in total, depending on the shark’s mood and appetite 🙂

The pros
Very welcoming team and excellent organization.
Brochures and educational explanations to understand how we can help in preserving this species and its role in regulating the ocean’s life.
Nice breakfast, fruit and chips on the boat and lunch after the activity.
DVD with the activity for sale (300 rand).
You can join the activity all year round but the best months to spot sharks are June and July.
During the high season there are 3 excursions per day, the rest of the year one per day.
White Shark Africa only uses products from the sea to lure sharks.
Those who want to help in the preservation of this species can participate in a volunteer program with sharks.
Activity to do with friends but also with the family (on our trip there were two 12 years old who dived and one 8 years old who could see the sharks from the boat).
The cons
We would have preferred to follow the shark and see him evolve in the ocean and feed on seals rather than our bait but unfortunately for security reasons this is not possible. You have to choose another activity such as scuba diving if you are well experienced diver.
No shower to rinse off after the excursion.

2 thoughts on “Shark cage diving”

  1. Hi, I’m traveling to port Elizabeth next month and the great white experience looks amazing. How much is this trip and how do we book many thanks

    1. Hi, we have done it with white shark africa :
      You can book directly with them in their website.
      The prices are 1550 Rand/aldult and 850 Rand/child.
      (95 €/adult and 51 €/child or 75GBP/adlut and 40GBP/child).
      Mossel bay is quite far from port Elisabeth (a bit more than 4 hours) but the activity worth it !

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