Paragliding on the Garden Route

Country: South Africa
Area: Garden Route
Outdoor activities: Paragliding
Sustainable tourism rating:

Paragliding is an appealing outdoor activity that many hesitate to try because they find it dangerous.


Unlike skydiving which is perfect for adrenalin seeks, paragliding is a discipline that provides at same time a bit of adrenaline for those experiencing it for the first time and also a bird’s eye on the scenery around.


If you are a beginner you have two choices, either try a tandem flight or take lessons to be able later to fly solo.


This is an expensive activity and you must be really passionate to practice it so we recommend that you start with a tandem to be sure that you really like it.


The Garden Route, with its beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches is probably one of the best places to try paragliding in South Africa.

Many operators offer tandem flights or paragliding lessons at competitive prices. We chose to fly with Cloudbase and we are happy with our choice.

We meet with Cloudbase team in Wilderness and went for a tandem flight along the cliffs facing the endless blue ocean.


If the wind is good, everything happens very quickly and within minutes, you fly over the cliffs with breathtaking views.




Unfortunately for us, with the high tide and the wind having changed, we couldn’t paraglide for long and had to move a few kilometers further to Segefield where we had the launch from the top of a mountain with nice views( even though the village underneath is not the prettiest).


This second spot has the advantage of having more place to land so it is easier to go further and higher.


This outdoor activity is on our top ten on the Garden Route.

The pros:
Several paragliding sites and schools in this region.

The cons:
This activity is dependent on the wind, allow several days when you plan your trip
 We found the activity a bit short and lacked of tricks but we think it was due the wind

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