John Forrest National Park

Country: Australia
Area: Perth, Western Australia
Location: John Forrest National Park
Outdoor activity : Hiking and mountain biking
Duration: One day
Sustainable tourism rating: écotourisme-4-SOL

This is one Sunday in Perth like no other. For a pleasant winter day on Australia’s West Coast, this looks more like a beautiful summer day in Paris. We decided to travel around Perth for a few hours and discover its beautiful surroundings.
We bought the All Parks Pass valid for one year. With this pass you have access to almost all of Western Australia’s National Parks. It is a must for the Surfonaleaf Sportrotters! It costs $88 while a single entry in a park in the area is $12. It is valid for a vehicle with less than 12 passengers on board. You can buy it in tourist offices in the area or online on the Parks and Wildlife’s website. If you decide to purchase it online you’ll pay the shipping cost and you will not have it straight away.


So we decided to buy it at the tourist office in town. With the pass in the pocket and a few things for a BBQ we set off for John Forrest National Park, the first park established in Western Australia. Located just 40 minutes from the city, this nature reserve will welcome you in a friendly although sporty ambience.


Several hiking paths crisscross the park and take you to some very nice views. The park is pleasant to visit all year round but the best is to visit it from July to September when the waterfalls are in full swing.


We advise you to go there around 10 o’clock and start with two walks of 30 to 40 minutes. Then you can take a well deserved BBQ break and after taking some shots of the multi-coloured parrots and friendly kangaroos you’re back on the road for a hiking or cycling afternoon.




Although we did not bring our mountain bikes with us, we still had a great time and came back full of energy. This one day hike triggered our appetite to explore all the diversity that the state of Western Australia has to offer and preserves so carefully.

The cons
The park closes early. (8h30-4h30)
The entrance fee is $12 if you do not have the annual pass.


The pros
Beautiful jarrah and marri forests
A wide variety of plants, birds and …..spiders but only the nice ones.

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