GUATAPE, the coulours of hapiness

Country : Colombia
Outdoor activity : Hiking
Sustainable rating : écotourisme-5-SOL

 Charming, attractive, gastronomic, sportive, the village of Guatapé has it all.



You will be charmed by its narrow streets decorated with colorful houses, delicious restaurants and picturesque lakes and islands.



And that’s not all, this idyllic village is a perfect spot for the Sportrotters!
Hiking, swimming in natural pools, water sports, zip lines, bike rides, everything is there for every outdoor traveller
But the MUST DO in Guatapé is a hike to the Penol de Guatapé.


This monolith of 2137 m offers unforgettable views over the lakes surrounding the city and proves to be a real fitness test with its 659 steps to reach the top.



To get there from the city of Guatapé count 3 hours of hiking or if you want to save your energy for the climb opt for the tuk-tuks that crisscross the village (count about 5000 COP for two).


This cozy little village remains a strong tourist destination that has not been spoiled by mass tourism like many other beautiful villages in Latin America.



The pros
Guatapé is located just 2 hours by bus from the city of Medellin and buses run every 30 min.

You can return directly and cheaply from Guatapé to the Rio Negrointernational airport in Medellin. It will take the bus from Guatapé to the village of Peñol (3,500 Colombian pesos per person) from El Peñol then you take a shared taxi (white taxi) to Rio Negro (5000 COP / person) and then a bus to the airport (2000 COP / person). The whole cost you about 10,500 Colombian pesos per person.
Many water activities at attractive prices.
You can enjoy beautiful views of the lagoon from the top of el Penol.



The cons
The Penol is certanely a beautiful monolith but it is not as impressive as we thought after seeing pictures on the net. (Count 15000 COP for access to el Penol).

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