Cleaning day at François Péron NP

Country : Australia
Outdoor activities : Hiking, Cleaning day
Sustainable tourism rating :  écotourisme-5-SOL

Imagine a place where red cliffs arise up in a blue clear sky and you are alone in the heart of the nature surrounded only by seabirds. Invite yourself in this place in which rowelling white waves kiss an endless white sand beach just beneath your bear feets. And if you do so, cherish it for every minute that you spend there because there are few and fewer paradise places like this one on Earth.



We have travelled for quite a distance before arriving at this isolated spot nestled in the Western Australia’s wild coast. The only way to access the Francois Péron National Park is with a four wheel drive car and though no so many people adventure themself in this land of red sand. At the entrance you must deflate your wheels because most of the track is in soft sand. You will find at the ranger’s office all the equipment needed.


Once on the road to cape perron you won’t be sipping a cocktail and relax, instead you’ll enjoy the soft sand four wheels drive adrenaline and the beauty of the bush surrounding your way.

sable-francois-peron surfonaleaf-route-sable-francois-peron surfonaleaf-françois-peron

François Pérron National Park is home to some incredible creatures like emus, kangaroos, echidnas, blue tongue and the one and only thorny devil (which unfortunately we didn’t saw).

wildlife-francois-peron lezard-francois-peron ANIMAUX-FRANCOIS-PERON

And for the visitors found about the outdoors there are campgrounds in which you can definitely spend the week just wishing the time could stop. You can go hiking, fishing, swimming (in summer) and bird watching or just relax on the beach next to the campground and enjoy amazing deep orange sunsets.

sunset-surfonaleaf-francois-peron wanamalu-trail-surfonaleaf

In between Denham and Shell beach in the way to come, you must also stop at Eagle Bluff, you will be rewarded with incredible views over the ocean and its treasured island which is a bird sanctuary.


If you have some spare time you should roll in a cleaning day to help the rangers preserve this place and let it as intact as you find it. You can volunteer on the parks and wilderness website or just call the local ranger office and ask for the days for which they need help.

We have spent a whole day with Peter, a very nice ranger and it felt so good to be more than a tourist and to see that if we all become a bit more responsible we can still enjoy pristine beaches even if they are touristic. At the end it all comes to be in every place you visit as tidy as you are in your own home.

Volontaire-francois-peron-np Cleanning-francois-peron

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  1. Hi Greg, Thanks for cleaning up the environment; the place looks very tidy 🙂 Keep up the photo taking > great to see which adventure you’re on next. Bonjour, Dave

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