Catamaran cruise with turtles

Country: Barbados
Area: Carlisle Bay
Outdoor activities: catamaran cruise, snorkeling
Price: US $ 110.00 per person
Duration: 5 hours (open all year except Christmas Day and Carnival)
Sustainable tourism rating: écotourisme-4-SOL

Barbados is a surprising destination in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Barbados’ blue, crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkeling, with visibility between 40 to 70 feet for most of the year. There is plenty to see with a diverse range of dive sites and underwater scenery.


Its sandy beaches are perfect to sip a cocktail in a dolce far niente setting. The island has many water activities for the SporTrotters.

Dozens of white catamarans that run along its coasts are a pleasure for the eyes and an invitation to discover the coastline. Luckily, some of them offer lunch and sunset cruises down the lovely west coast of the island.


We chose Calabaza, one of the few operators that offered trips with small groups of maximum 12 people. In choosing them, we had more that we have expected: the warmest bajan welcome and a relaxing cruise around the island on which we felt like VIPs.


A perfect day with Calabaza crew

A taxi pick us up from our hotel at 8.30am drove us to the boat. Once arrived, we met with the crew and after a nice tea and croissants we headed towards Carlisle Bay.


Just few miles away we anchored to the first spot where we encounter the local turtles.



The first one pointed her funny head to say hello.



Everyone put on the snorkels and jumped to the water to enjoy their company.

tortues-caraibes surfonaleaf-tortues

After swimming and playing with these endearing creatures, the boat left for the next stop. We threw the anchor again near the World War II wrecks surrounded by colorful fish clearly visible just with the snorkel.



This time Gina provided us with flippers to dive deeper.


Always accompanied by our charismatic guide we swam from one spot to the other and enjoyed the surreal underwater life circling the three wrecks.



After one hour in these warm waters we had to go back on the boat and sail to a beautiful sheltered bay on the west coast, where we stopped to delight with a delicious lunch on board, and a nice swim in this new spot.



It is already 1pm and it is time to head for the port. How quickly time flies when you love what you do!


We loved every minute spent on board and we highly recommend this catamaran cruise around Barbados coastline.

The pros:
Gina, the hostess, chose to focus on service quality and only welcomes small groups on board, and she is right because they are # 1 on Trip Advisor. While on other catamarans we saw tourists packed like sardines on ours the maximum number is 12 passengers.

The crew is super friendly and at your service throughout the cruise.


Clear water and no waves

Drinks, snacks and meals included.

Calabaza also offers an evening cruise that looks pretty good

The cons:

All boats accompanying tourists to Barbados feed the turtles (and fish) to make them come around. We realize that without these baits turtles won’t come every time that a boat approaches, but we do not think this is good for wild turtles. For more information check the website of the association Barbados Sea Turtle Project


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