Blokart at Buffs Bay

Country: South Africa
Region: Garden Route
Outdoor activity: Blokart
Sustainable tourism rating: écotourisme-5-SOL

For the Sportrotters seeking for an activity combining gliding sensation, speed and beautiful beaches, the Blokart is the perfect sport for you!
Visit one of the finest beaches in South Africa: Buffs Bay a few kilometres south from Knysna to test this fun activity.



You might wonder what is the Blokart? It is like Formula 1 on the sand  :).


This sport is accessible to all, from the very first try you can have lot of fun. Have a sit into the cockpit, and let yourself be carried by the wind.


While with one hand you control the direction with the other you manage the sail.


From the first minute, you will feel the force of the wind and quickly gain speed. You also may feel the emotion of a wheel lift up, release the pressure on the sail and hold the direction!


What about the safety? The designers thought it all: a seat belt and a reinforced cockpit will protect you if a strong wind tries to overthrow you;)


Also another great asset is that there are just few rules to remember.

Of course like many sailing sport, it will require a minimum wind but not too much and a nice big beach so you can only do it at low tide 😉

As it was the first time for me I’m not yet a pro 😉 but Greg is doing better.


Why we love it: An outdoor sport that is practiced in beautiful locations, which does not damage the environment and gives you a taste of adrenaline from the first trial. If you go through Knysna, don’t miss it!

Call Dave : + 27829006721  or email :

or facebook


The pros :
Easy and accessible to everybody form 8 years old to 99 and more 🙂 and at a very affordable price.
The owner, Dave is a great guy and very professional and savvy
Many spots to practice this activity around the world and generally very beautiful!

The cons:
You need the right wind from the right direction and at low tide. It is sometimes difficult to have this perfect trio …

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