Adrenaline activities in Oribi Gorge

Country : South Africa
Region : KwaZuluNatal
Outdoor Actvities : Swing, Zip line, Abseiling, Rafting, Hiking
Sustainable rating : écotourisme-5-SOL

 If you dream of a place in the heart of the nature where you can both enjoy its serenity but also adrenaline activities, we will share with you our best travel destination in KwaZuluNatal.


At only two hour drive south-west of Durban, you are in the Oribi Gorge. You can follow the river meandering between sky high cliffs and dramatic landscapes.


It is in this amazing reserve that you can taste the adrenaline activities offered by a local South African owned company. Wild 5 Adventures is located in the heart of the reserve for almost 20 years and they do know how to make your heart beat fast.


We have tried almost all the activities in Oribi and loved every single minute spent there!

I say almost because we did not went there in the right season for the rafting (best season at Oribi from November to March) but we got some shots to show you what to be expected when the river has enough water to go for a rafting trip.



The other activities offered by the Wild 5 Adventures team are:

The Wild Swing

Similar to Bungee Jumping but more scenic, the Oribi Wild Swing is 165 m high above the Oribi Gorge next to the Lehr’s falls (which are impressive in the wet season)!



The main difference with the bungee jumping is that you won’t be strapped by the ankles, you experience the swing securely and comfortably fastened in a full body harness. You can admire the scenery when jumping and this is the highest swing of its kind in the world. Well, for that you must keep your eyes open 🙂 !




This activity is available all year.



The Wild Abseil
As we had lots of energy left we thought it would be nice to try a more challenging activity but with at least as much adrenaline as the bungee, so we tried the Wild abseiling.



The abseil along a 110m cliff face is breathtaking! We were supervised by two team members, one at the top and one at the arrival in the gorge. During the first part of the descent (45 m) you will have the feet against the cliff and remaining of descent is free abseil, hanging tight to your ropes and admiring the scenery.



Thrills guaranteed when you look around and you see all the emptiness and silent of the nature. When I made my descent, a lady embarked for the next swing, so, its unexpected screams scared me a lot 🙂


It is not very physical as you have lot of help from the team while you abseil, but prepare yourself for the hike to the top as it is a tough climb.


You can join this activity in the mornings all year long, only condition is to have good weather. Expect one hour to one and a half hours for this activity.

The wild slide

This zip line that takes you 165m above the gorge is very nice too. Not as wild as the swing or the abseil but a good warm-up before embarking on other activities.
Allow 15 minutes. Possibility to do it all year long




The Wild Bridge
This is a 84 meters bridge held by cables above the gorge and connecting two cliffs enjoying views of Lehr’s Waterfall, Baboon’s Castle and the World’s Highest Gorge Swing. It leads to other lookouts and several hiking trails.




If you have a couple of days to spend in this area, you can also try the hikes in the Oribi Reserve. The longer hikes do not start at the same location that the activities mentioned above. You must go into the reserve.


The pros
We enjoyed the fact that all the activities were in the same place and that the company Wild 5 Adventures had preserved so well this place.
The activities aren’t expensive (around 20 Euros for one activity and there are discounted rates if you want to try more activities)
The team is professional and welcoming
Ability to see some wild animals like zebras and springbok in the reserve and you will definitely see monkeys
Very safe place compared to other regions in SA

The cons
No public transportation to get there
Wide choice of accommodation but expensive prices for average quality
No supermarket or a place to stock up so you depend on the hotel’s restaurant (our advice is to buy at least some basic food and water before arriving)

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