Tiza river’s treasure

Country: Hungary
Outdoor Activity: : Kayak and bike
Length: 2 hours 30 minutes kayak (20 km) and 40 minutes bike (15 km)
Difficulty: Medium
Ranking Ecotourism:écotourisme-4-SOL

At the junction of Tiza and Mures rivers, you can find a surprising destination for Sportrotters: Szeged city.

To discover its beautiful architecture and wild surroundings, you have several options. SOL team voted for the duo bike and kayak!
The city is full of pleasant bikepaths and the Tiza river who cross the historic center of the city fits perfectly for a nice canoe trip but also for kayak, rowling or motorised boat.


The SOL team has tried for you a new out of box journey: 20 km from Algyo village to Szeged (if you go by bus get down at Indulnak stop in Algyo village and take Komp utca road who leads to a pontoon).
We chose to park our bike in Szeged and we get there by car. Back in Szeged, one of the team members stays with the kayak and the other one went back at Algyo by bike to bring back the car. The best spot to get out of the river is the small beach near the old central bridge in front of the tree climbing park.

To reach Algyo, you can also take the bus or the train, a real bargain in Hungary.

You may choose to rent a kayak if you don’t have one and as the flowing isn’t really strong in Summer you can do a round trip. In Szeged for one euro per hour at Kolcsonzes esoktatas you can rent a kayak. The owner is cool and will by pleased to give you all the information for your trip.



For bike ballads through the city, you can have a map of bike tracks at the tourist information center.

Our “coup de coeur” : A huge swimming pool in the city center with a relaxation area, a volleyball ground, ping pong tables, and a lot of slides for adrenaline lovers. Between 19 to 21, the entrance for swimming is approximately 2,5 euros. The daily pass with full access is 10 euros during weekdays.

If you sulk hotels, a campsite (about 15 euros a night for 2 persons and a car) is just near the swimming pool.

If you love parties, you must visit Szeged during the festival on the third week of May. You will have a lot of animations, concerts, local food and sport competitions!

The cons:
– Monotonous landscape because the wideness of the river.
– A lot of broken trees after heavy rains.
The pros:
– Lots of wild birds
– Surprising perched huts hidden by the luxuriant vegetation along the river.
– Few traffic on the river so you can fully enjoy the calm of the nature.


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