Mount Toubkal Ascension

Country : Marocco
Region : Atlas/Haut Atlas
Sport : Hikking/Trekking
Lenght :  From 3 days
Period : During all year but  advised from april to november
Difficulty : Summit at more than 4000 m and ask not having mountain sickness. Ask a good physical healty.
Top Height : 4167 m (highest Nord Africa’s top )
Sustainable tourism rating:écotourisme-5-SOL

The Toubkal Mount is the highest summit of the Haut-Altas chain in Morocco. It’s one of the easiest 4000 peak. Indeed, it can be climbed in 2 days if the starting point is situated in  the village of Imil (About 3 hours of taxi from Marrakech – 40 €). But it can be more interesting to spend more days in the area to enjoy beautiful landscapes and in order to have a better elevation acclimation.

To mount, several solutions are possible and you have the choice to do it with or without a local guide if you want to do just the ascension. Otherwise, if you want to spend a few days in the area, the choice for maps is limited and a local guide is nearly essential (about 30 to 50 € per day). Hikers who wish to travel light can also take a mule with is keeper who can take a part or all your stuff (about 30 €/day).


The trail is bad indicated but there are always locals to help you and no worry there is not a lot of paths to get lost J. The first part of the trail is from the town Imil (situated at 1800 m altitude) to the Nelter shelter (situated at 3200 m altitude). The Nelter shelter is a nice place to spend the night, it is not expensive and you can eat on place.


Then the second day, from the shelter, you must expect snow on your hiking trail (adapted equipment advised but not essential in summer but depends of season). From the top you have an unbelievable landscape and you can be proud you have rode a 4000 summit.

The descent is really simple and it’s possible to go back to Imil the same day ( the ascension 3 hours and 3 more for the return)

Be aware: Although this ascension is known to be relatively simple, it’s a 4167 top and it’s asked a good preparation (mental and physic…). At 2400 m, the body starts to feel the altitude effects and some of us can feel altitude sickness.


My impression:

–          My first 4000m top : magnificent and unforgettable

–          Landscapes : beautiful and more green and varied than I was thinking when I choose this treck

–          My advice : Stay a few days in the surrounding’s before ascension, there are some really nice pass between 2500 and 3000m.

–          My Favorite : a meal with a Moroccan family  who’d bake a traditional chicken tagine

–          My second favorite: a nice but expensive Marrakech Riad  for a wellbeing moment …

It is not expensive so suitable for low budgets

We had realized this route in April: it was a bit cold in the morning but nice weather during the day time. We had some snow during our descent

It can be realized early during the season when all other European top are not opened for hiking.

I advice you this ascension who allows to discover a quite unknown  but  really beautiful region of Morocco.


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