Cycling along the Danube river

Country: Austria
Length: a few hours to a week
Difficulty: Easy
Outdoor Activity: cyclotourism
Ranking Ecotourism: écotourisme-4-SOL

The Danube, 2nd longest river in Europe, flows through 10 countries and four capitals. It is navigable on almost his course and for centuries was utilized by men. Thanks to the river incredible historical vilages developed through the centuries.

For Sportrotters and nature lovers, it offers many opportunities and proves to be a land of unimaginable spots.
The banks of the Danube are perfect for cycling. We chose the Austrian Danube to test our muscles 🙂


autriche danub

Sport has an important place in people’s life in this country and so many facilities are in place to encourage the access to the greatest number.
The bicycle paths have been built over the years along the river, today you can count 380 km of bike paths along the Danube in Austria ( on each side ) and even optional paths to access the surrounding hills.

SOL autriche

From Passau to Bratislava, many possibilities open to you. You can indeed choose to do the entire route or select a passage that appeals to you .
Almost all the bike path is separated from the road and allows you to enjoy natural areas and guess what? Is very easy, just 150 m elevation between Passau and Bratislava.
If you are tired you can always catch a train or a bus to end your journey.
We tested several spots: a first one from Passau to Bratislava, a second around Melk and the finish point, a splendid bike tour in Vienna.
We enjoyed all although Austria weather haven’t spoiled us… the beautiful views made us forget the rain. There are many picnic areas and accommodation deals are many (hotels, cottages or campsites).
We suggest you a great bike ride on the Danube in Austria, the surroundings are beautiful, Melk, Passau and Vienna are a most.
-The quietude of the ride (not all of it)
– A wide variety of landscapes and many historical monuments
– Good infrastructure
-The changing weather
-The paths lining the roads are sometimes noisy even if they are well secured

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