Bike polo, a new sport in our city’s streets

Country: Spain
City: Barcelona
Sport: Bike polo
During our sport discovery of Barcelona, ​​intrigued by a young guy on his bike with a mallet in his hand and a nice helmet we discovered bike polo’s international champions just around the corner of the street for a unique competition.

On a common sports ground, next to a student residence took place an off the record encounter. Players from all around the world came to show their talent and to compete in this new discipline became the new star of street sports. This unusual sport seems as strange as the Irish hurling because it mixes several disciplines rules.


bikepolo competition

After chatting on its history with the players, we were not surprised to discover that Ireland is the country of birth of this new sport practiced now worldwide.


The rules are simple: two teams of 3 players on a bike with a mallet in one hand, a ball and a goal: to score against the opponent team while keeping his balance (not easy given the rapid changes in direction, the size of the sports ground etc)

world bikepolo competition

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