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Create and develop the network of Sportrotters’ Surf on a leaf

How it all began: In March 2014 we left France and engaged in a life time journey. We took the time to explore Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa and South America are on our destinations list. Our mission is to discover the links bringing together a country’s culture with the preservation of natural areas and the promotion of outdoor activities. Along our journey, we are studying the trends and outdoor activities and the impact of sports on the state of well-being.

Our Goals:
Our number one goal is to compile a guide, Sportrotter’s World (editorials, videos, photos and portraits) in which we’ll unveil to you the most beautiful parts of the world through action-packed sports plans. Here, we invite you to share tricks and tips for easy access and get the most out of these activities but also inform you on how we can preserve these pristine places.

We also aim to promote sports associations and to discover exceptional natural areas in the countries we have so far explored.
We offer a large choice of sport activities suitable for all Sportrotters, all the while expanding the network of Sportrotters Surf on a Leaf worldwide

Our Actions:
Throughout games and outdoor events organised in cities around the world, the SoL team selects the best spots and provides up-to-date tips for you to make the most of the great outdoors.

We also organise sportive Nature cleaning day events in order to raise awareness about the preservation of the places in which we enjoy our outdoor activities.
We have interviewed professionals and amateur athletes to understand the importance of sport in their lives and in their country’s culture.
We create captivating video and photo documentaries on outdoor sports.


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