Yoga and well-being in Ubud

Country: Indonesia
Region: Bali, Ubud
Outdoor activities: Yoga, hiking
Sustainable tourism rating: écotourisme-4-SOL

Ubud is Bali’s cultural capital and a top destination for the Europeans. At each street corner you can find a temple or an art gallery and Balinese people spend a lot of their time to worship and pray their gods.


Gourmets and shopping addicts will also find their happiness in this city.

If you are looking for well-being, many schools offer yoga classes, tai chi, reflexology etc for all levels. Some are located in the city (handy if you want to do your yoga at dawn) but if you are in search for more serenity you can find a school situated in the rice fields surrounding the town.

Yoga is a generic term for all the yoga types, ranging from meditation to more sporty movements.

Before choosing your center, find out what type of Yoga schools are offering but also check the number of people per course. Indeed, it is much more enjoyable to take yoga classes in small groups (2 -6 people) as the teacher can correct your every movement. The prices is almost the same everywhere, around 7€ per person per course, with a more interesting offer if you buy a pass.

Surf on a leaf team choose Taksu center which is located downtown and offers small groups sessions. We recommend the class we took because the teacher we had was really careful to correct our posture when we were mistaken.


The Alignment flow yoga class that we took consists in a sequence of repetitive movements, more or less complicated. The purpose of the class was to help you stretch and strengthen the back, in order to have a better posture. It’s a challenging class!

We enjoyed the experience and found the teacher very professional and we were just 2 students for the class.

The other schools are foreign owned and the atmosphere is rather westernized. The advantage of the other schools lies in the wide number of choices of yoga and tai chi classes and they have a larger schedule choice.

Ubud has many other advantages for the Sportrotters: Rafting, mountain biking and even walking in rice fields are nice to try. A must do in Ubud is to go for a hike in the rice fields around the city.


Do not hesitate to ask for directions to locals. Here you have a map of the hikes See map. You can hike for one hour where for the day 🙂



The pros :
Combining Yoga and hiking / walking through the lovely rice fields
The landscapes of rice fields aspire to calm and serenity


The cons:
Ubud is a tourist town and attracts mass tourism
Yoga classes are good but the prices are almost identical to European prices and the teachers are mostly European and American.

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