The Monkey Mia dolphins

Country: Australia
Outdoor activities: Marine wildlife observation
Duration: four days minimum
Ranking ecotourism:écotourisme-5-SOL

All the dolphin lovers hands in the air ! 🙂 For all of you who are wondering where and how to meet this fascinating mammal, we have the answer.

But first, before revealing our little secret, we wanted to be sure that you have all the information needed so that you can make a good impression for your first rendez-vous.

We will not make you take a marine biology course but we just wanted to present you to the five Australian stars, who attract more paparazzi than the Australian Hollywood stars. Yes, Nicole Kidman must be quite jealous.

Nicky, Surpise, Puck, Piccolo, and Shock are our beautiful five dolphins. We will not reveal you their age because they are all females and we, the women, don’t really like that. But we can tell you that they are all mothers and have adorable calves.


They are part of the great family of Bottlenose Dolphins which is the most common specie. The Bottlenose can reach four meters long and weight up to 650kg but our five beautiful friends are taking care of their silhouette!

Dolphins live happily in pods up to 35 years for males while females can live up to 40 years maybe because they smile more 🙂


They like to play with the waves, eat good fresh fish and live in heavenly places (well let’s be honest it’s great part their acrobatic jumps that make every place they pass by even more magical). And is said that they are as intelligent as humans, but we do think they make better use of their intelligence.

Now that you know a little bit more about the dolphins we will unveil the best volunteer program in the world if you like to meet them.

At five hours from Perth, Western Australia, the one place not to miss is Monkey Mia beach. You will catch with them almost every day and as they are very friendly they never come alone.


For the past 50 years dolphins come to visit this peaceful beach and keep company to the local fishermen. Tourists and fishermen have started feeding dolphins and visits became more regular to the point that the phenomenon has become publicized and attracted more and more tourists.


Researchers have settled since 1982 to study their behaviour and the in 2001 Monkey Mia Information Center was created.

Since, rangers and volunteers are working together to inform tourists about the life of these marine mammals. Now that they are famous all their little secrets interest the visitors. Apparently, they understand almost every language; unfortunately we cannot say the same for us. Fortunately, researchers are there to help us understand their mysterious life.

A bit more about your future job!
Your office will be on the beach, from the windows you will see the sea and its lovely inhabitants. Every day there are three feedings but it depends on the appetite of the dolphins and also on your cooking skills. They enjoyed our French cuisine :).


We do not really feed them because they are wild animals that hunt by themselves their own meal, but we try put them in appetite and thus be able to enjoy a bit their company.

After each feeding session (three in total) which lasts about 25 minutes there are some household chores but nothing too complicated.




The hardest thing is to smile all day because there will be lots of cameras on you 🙂 And you’ll see is competing with the most adorable dolphins.

What is even more interesting is to listen to the speech of the rangers before each experience as they give very interesting information about dolphins and other inhabitants of this beautiful paradise (turtles, dugongs, sharks, sting rays … ).


You can also discuss with researchers and learn all about dolphin’s behaviour. It might even make you want to change the plans for your future career!

If you want to prepare your home work before you embark on this great adventure the website of Monkey Mia researchers is the ideal place to go:
If while you are reading you already started preparing your bags and booked your plane tickets, do not forget to go on the Monkey Mia Volunteers web site and apply online.

When you get there do not forget to say Hello to the dolphins form Surfonaleaf team!

If you are under the charm of Monkey Mia and you have decided to stay for few days, we have a special activity for you to try. Surfonaleaf team went on a wildlife cruise that we definitely recommend for all the Sportrotters. We have embarked in to a three hour journey on the fastest sailing cruise boat in the country. The lovely team gave us information about the wildlife in Shark Bay while our eyes in quest for new encounters were spotting all over the place.


The sea was calm and we have enjoyed every bit of the trip even though unfortunately it wasn’t the right season to spot dugongs. If you want to be shore to see this incredible creature you should come between December and April in Monkey Mia, when the water temperature is warm enough for them to swim around.


You can choose between the 10am and 1pm sailing trips and if you co for the second one you can also enjoy a free magic sunset cruise. We went on the one in the afternoon and we are happy with our choice because the sun was warm, the water clear and we have seen clearly the dolphins cruising with us.


They policy , bring your own alcohol BYO is great because you can come with friends and enjoy whatever drink you wish without ruin yourself.

For more information about price and cruise choices click here

The pros
You will live the most incredible interaction in the world. Feeding wild dolphins
The rangers are very friendly and make you feel confident
You will learn a lot about marine life
It’s free and you can stay up to 15 days

You can camp or book a room in the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort which is right next to the volunteer’s office. Check price and availabilities here

There is also a few nice hikes to do in the area.


The cons
You will never want to leave this place

Some testimonials:


Eva « A wonderfull experience, if I got the opportunity to do it again I would definetley take it and I highly recommend it to others »

Amy “Tottaly magical! Nowhere can you get this close to wild dolphins. A definite must for your travelling bucket list!


Nicky “nice to meet you guys, I enjoyed to speak French ”


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