Noosa Everglades

Country: Australia
Region: Queensland, Noosa
Outdoor activities: Kayaking, canoeing
Ranking ecotourism: écotourisme-5-SOL

Noosa region is known for its lakes surrounded by forests which will delight Sportrotters from all over the world with outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking but also water sports: Surfing, Kite surfing, Windsurfing and of course canoe or kayak.


The discovery of Noosa Everglades canoe or kayak is an activity not to be missed for Sportrotters that pass through the region. You will paddle through lakes and rivers in the heart of untouched nature and unique fauna and flora.



There are several trip options, from several hours to several days. We advise you to choose an overnight trip.


Start in Boreen Point (Lake Cootharaba), about twenty kilometers from Noosa. Is better to start early in the morning because the wind often rises and is more difficult to paddle on the lake.



Then head north to the sand patch (Mont Tewah). After one hour and a half paddling (depending on your fitness level), you will reach Kinaba, a small wooden hut with an information center and toilets. This marks the entry of the river. You will arrive quickly at a crossroads. You can choose to go up in the Kin Kin River (left) or take the upper Noosa River for about another two hours before reaching the first campsite.



The campsites are basic but quiet, you will be all alone to enjoy this amazing nature. After the third campsite motor boats are not allowed. You can go up the river to the campsite number 15 (allow 3 more hours). On your way back you will take the same path (but the current is very low).

If you do not have your own kayak, you will find some canoe and kayak rental companies in Noosa or directly to Boreen Point but we advise you to book in advance. Campsites must be reserved in advance also. Remember to take a hat, sunscreen and mosquitoes repellant.

Paddling in the Noosa Everglades is a beautiful experience that offers beautiful scenery on a tea colored water in which you see like in a mirror. You will hear and see many birds and enjoy the wilderness of the nature.


If you prefer hiking, go to Elanda Point and you’ll find some paths for a few hours or overnights hikes (and maybe spot kangarous).





The Pros :
Easy kayaking on the river.
The tea colored water is perfect for pictures.
The campgrounds allow you to enjoy the river without having to hurry to go home.

The Cons:
The wind can blow hard on the lake, check the weather before you go and prefer early morning.
There are few places to stop, remember to take breaks in designated areas.

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