Kloofing in the Crags

Country: South Africa
Region: Garden Route
Outdoor activity: kloofing (canyoning)
Sustainable tourism rating: écotourisme-5-SOL

If you hear of kloofing you can be sure that you are indeed in South Africa. And if you are wondering whether you should try this activity, the answer is YES!



Known in Europe under the name canyoning, kloofing is a sport that combines swimming, abseil, zip lines, jumping from cliffs and hiking in spectacular scenery.



You can imagine that we immediately said yes to the opportunity to test this activity.



We went for this adventure in the Crags with Africanyon and loved every single minute.


First stop, the offices of Africanyon at 8am to equip and review the basic rules. Once we put on the wetsuits we left in the company of two super guides, Bman and Tebzzz with the aim to reach the river.


On arrival, we started with an easy abseil into the canyon, and then followed by a perfect series of swimming, jumps from the cliffs, zip lines and other amazing abseil in the waterfalls. The time run so fast as we were always into the action and always singing and laughing with our two super guides.




It was a perfect outdoor activity in a perfect setting.


The pros
Very professional and reassuring guides
Good quality equipment
We are alone in a beautiful preserved scenery
Reasonable price for a very good activity
Accessible for beginners but also a good activity for the Sportrotters

The cons
The times runs too fast and we couldn’t enjoy enough the scenery.( 3 hours in the canyon)

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