Kitesurf and wildlife hikes in Noosa

 Country: Australia
Region: Queensland, Noosa
Outdoor activity: Kitesurf, hiking, sea kayaking, surf
Ranking ecotourism:écotourisme-5-SOL

Noosa’s surroundings are a heaven for the Sportrotters!


If you arrive in the windy season we have a special activity for you. You will see on the coast lots of kite surfers having fun in this amazing scenery, so why not try it too!


Although you can’t just rent a kite board and run into the sea if you are not a pro, you can still take lessons and see if you enjoy it. We tested this activity with Kitesurf Noosa who gave us our first lessons on a sandy beach a few miles south of Noosa. Do not expect to ride the waves and make jumps from your first lesson, you must first learn to handle the kite before going in the water.


First lesson!

You start with some kite theory such as understanding the wind window, the safety procedures, launching the kite, flying kite in neutral zone, hooking into harness, self rescue.



Second lesson – Launching 4-line kites, body dragging, cross and up-wind, briefing on rules and basic courtesy on the water, water start and basic board skills



Even on land you can quickly feel the power of these kites and feel the pleasant sensation of being lifted into the air.


There are different kite sizes, you start with a small size and then try a larger one, the 12m is the most common (depending to your size and the wind). The larger the sail the more power you have but also go slower than with a small kite.


If you’re enjoying yourself and you’re doing good with the technique, you can get on the board from the second lesson and feel the thrills and chills.


For the ones that have a week or so in the area, Kitesurf Noosa also offers attractive packages with camping for several days in the heart of the nature in beautiful locations and accessible only in 4WD. You will be all alone in the heart of an exceptional nature and you can learn at your pace.


Other activities in the area for the Sportrotters

 Noosa Heads National Park! The car park is the departure for four beautiful hikes (allow 2 to 4 hours for each), our favourite following the cliffs along the sea. Mind your steps but also look at the trees, the grass and the sea because the wildlife is everywhere. With a bit of luck you will spot dolphins, turtles, koalas, large lizards, echidnas, and even whales in season (from August to October and perhaps even a little before or after). We were fortunate to see whales nest to the coast within 100 m, really impressive.






If you want to be even closer to the dolphins and whales while training your muscles, you can rent sea kayaks (aprox AUD 20 for one hour) on the main beach and go at their encounter. First check the weather conditions before embarking on this expedition because apart from the main bay the wind picks up quickly and the waves can reach an impressive size.


You also have the possibility to rent SUP and surf boards and enjoy the beautiful waves and warm waters of the Coral Sea.


The pro :
Noosa is a perfect stop for the Sportrotters with many sports to practice in a pleasant climate all year round.

Kitesurfing is a sport that combines the thrills of skiing and sailing and you can enjoy yourself from the first lesson.

This is an outdoor activity that you can practice as much in the sea as in a lake

Kitesurf Noosa gave us professional advice and insisted on security (which is essential for high risk activities).


The cons:
Do not expect to master kitesurfing in 2 sessions, is a sport that requires a minimum of training Kitesurfing is dependent on weather conditions, you may not be able to choose the days ahead so allow more time to be able to take all the lessons

You need a good physical condition and have no health problems

Most travel insurance does not include risky sport such as Kitesurf


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