Abseiling and via ferrata for the adventurous spirits

Country: South Africa
Area: Garden Route
Outdoor activity Via ferrata and abseil
Sustainable tourism rating: écotourisme-5-SOL

We enjoyed kloofing in the Crags but you can also discover this amazing place through other activities including Via ferrata and abseil.



Afriabseil will take you to the rocky peaks where you will be able to abseil and try a short but nice via ferrata. (A via ferrata is similar to climbing but on a ladder-like path and attached to a steel cable that provides increased safety)

After the briefing and a quick warm up, we reach the main cliff.

abseiling-surfonaleafTo access the abseil site you will start with an easy but cool Via ferrata allowing you to warm up and get familiarized with the site.
You will cross two small bridges to access the latest rocky peaks. As your steps guide you from one peak to the other you will feel the high and the majestic scenery surrounding you.



Then, equipped for the 50 meters abseil in the canyon, you are ready to start the descent. You can enjoy the scenery with this double guide-controlled decent. The guides will secure you at all times but you still need to train your muscles as you are in charge of the action. The last meters are away from the cliff and you can enjoy 360 degrees views.




Once down, you can catch your breath and refresh into the river before heading up.

The pros :
The abseil length is perfect for all levels and you are working your muscles while managing the rope descent.
One of the first professional Via ferrata in South Africa.
The Crags is amazing and you can plan a sportive day mixing abseil and kloofing.

The cons:
In our opinion it would have been even better with a zip line or some additional bridges over the canyon but we were told that the project will be developed and the via ferrata enlarged.

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