Canyoning in the Dourbie river

Country: France
Region: Aveyron, Trayac’s Canyon (in the town of la Viala)
Outdoor activity: Canyoning
Difficulty level: Easy
Duration: Two hours
Sustainable tourism rating:écotourisme-5-SOL

The “Grands Causses” area (Aveyron and Lozère) offers a lot of Canyoning and Water hiking spots. These sports consist in the descent of a canyon (river that had shaped the mountain’s rock during centuries) by foot with some swimming parts, jumps and natural slides. Canyoning is more extreme and had to be done with and experimented guide and you must use a string for the more difficult passages.
The SOL team has tested the water hiking in the wonderful landscapes of the Tayac’s Canyon in the Dourbie’s valley. The Parking lot is situated above the town of La Viala.



So let’s start!
Slip on your wetsuit (water is cold in canyons !) and after around twenty minutes’ walk, you will arrive at the departure of the water hiking. You’ll have to swim (feet first to prevent bumping in the rocks). Then just let the current drive you during the faster passages and just enjoy the canyon’s dramatic scenery. All along the way, you can test your courage in the multiple jumps that the river offers (you can jump from 8 meters high) and enjoy a few slides naturally shaped in the rocks.



Now is time to go back at the car (hope you still have some strength left) it will be a short hike, approximatively twenty minutes.


You can do this water hike with a guide (45 € per person) or without but we recommend you to do this aquatic hike with a person who knows the place and the canyon. If you don’t feel like jumping, you can skip them or if you love it you can do these jumps as many times you wish.


We advise this activity for groups and families who are looking for a nice pastime, original and funny without extremes sensations.


The Pros:
-Dramatic scenery of the Dourbie’s canyon
– If you dare the challenge to do the cliff jumps you can be sure you’ll have guaranteed adrenaline


The Cons:
– Difficult access to the spot
– This is a family oriented activity that may disappoint extreme sensations seekers


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