Waipu caves

Country : New Zealand
Region : Whangarei
Outdoor activity: Cave tour
Sustainable tourism rating:écotourisme-5-SOL

At Waipu caves you can go hiking or if you have just little time just explore the Waipu Caves. These caves are a private property but they are absolutely free! To access this spectacular place follow the signs from State Highway One by Uretiti Beach, about 25 mins south of Whangarei, or five minutes north of Waipu. You can park your car on the parking slot in front of the entrance.


Let’s start exploring!

For the caves as well as for the trail you will need good shoes. In addition to that if you intend to go into the caves we advise you to have a bathing suit because you’ll be in the water for the most of the walk, also be aware to the slippery ground (mainly mud).
A good torch is a must (Ensure batteries for gear are working and take spares) and we advise you to go accompanied for safety reasons.

Stalactites hang from the ceiling and just to the left of the entrance is an enormous stalagmite.
The best part of this visit is that all the ceiling is covered whit glow warms!


There are three sections with the third chamber being the best for viewing the constellation of glow-worms.

What is a glow warm, you might ask !
It is nothing less than the larva of a NZ’s fly. During its larva period it casts the luminous glow for which it is named. Looking at a ceiling of a glow worms cave is like gazing at stars on a clear night. And in some of the cavities of the caves this illuminated ceiling reflects into the water and is totally beautiful and surreal!

The pros
For those in search of adventure these unguided caves are perfect for a Indiana Jones scenery
There is a cold shower outside the cave that you can use to clean up afterwards.
Parking is available at the caves or you could do Waipu Caves Walk from Ormiston Road
You can also enjoy the Waipu caves track ( 1h30 retourn) For more information click here

It is operated all year round

The cons :
Always check the previous week’s rainfall as the water level might be too high in the caves.

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