Via Ferrata of Rochefort

Country: France
Region: National Park of Cevennes
Outdoor activity: Via ferrata
Difficulty: Medium
Sustainable tourism rating:écotourisme-5-SOL

A Via Ferrata is a natural site equipped for climbing. Mountain’s sides are equipped with ziplines, cable bridges, footbridges, ladders…

SOL’s Team had tested the Via ferrata of Rochefort, situated on the mountains above Florac town. You can reach the spot by by the road from Florac to Aven Armand, the road D 16, 150 meters after the Pierre Plate neck (the Pradal’s Parking lot). To reach the departure, you must walk during 45 minutes on Causse Mejan mountain’s top. It is well indicated by signs.




This Via ferrata is really high and not advised for sensible people that get vertigo. If you aren’t concerned, you must try it and you won’t regret it ! It is opened for all levels of climbers and you can choose between different variants. (Even an extremely difficult variant passage for pros 😉 ). It begins by a tight channel at the end of witch you can have a gorgeous scenery of Florac’s valley and all the Via Ferrata. Then, you can choose your way : an easy one or a difficult variant. During 2 to 3 hours, you can go thought 1 Nepalese bridge, 3 donkeys bridge, 2 footbridges (or 4 depending on the variant you choose) and a zipline !



You can do this Via ferrata for free if you have your own material. You can rent all the equipment at Cevennes Evasion in Florac for 15 € per person. If you prefer to play safe, you also can be accompanied by a guide for 30 € per person.



We really appreciated this Via ferrata situated in a wonderful area and we warmly recommended you this activity. The 20 first meters can seem difficult because the mountain’s sides are really inclined but keep going, you’ll see, the following is easier. If you look for adrenaline, you will love the zipline.



The Pros :
– The place and surroundings are exceptional with nice landscapes
– A few different variants are possible depending of your climbing level
– A lot of outdoor sport activities in the surroundings


The Cons :
– The Cevennes National Parc and Florac town can seem difficult to access.


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