The Medes Islands: A paradise for divers

Country: Spain
Region: Catalonia
Outdoor activity: Diving
Difficulty: Experienced
Sustainable tourism rating:écotourisme-4-SOL

Located just a mile off the city L’Estartit, this archipelago is a dream come true for divers around the world eager to discover the richness of the underworld of the Mediterranean sea.
They are part of the Natural Park of Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix and are well preserved ( strict reglementations for diving) despite the access to dozens of leisure boats arriving daily to the island.

The SOL team chose to reach the reserve by kayak , but if you opt for a boat ride, various leisure companies will offer nice walks in their glass bottom boat around islands and along the coast of Estartit. Sub-aquatic activities are varied and always respectful of the rules that have helped preserve this natural space.



We made the crossing in 30 minutes and there we took our time to admire the flight of birds that inhabit the islands and dive with photogenic fishes 🙂

This spot is one of the best places to train for diving! La Sirène, one of the largest diving schools in Europe and other renowned schools are here. The Medes Islands are also a favorite destination for experienced divers from all around the world.
To dive into the reserve you’ll need at least one Open water level, otherwise you can always opt for scouba diving.


Some spots in the Medes Islands:
– Pedra de Deu:
Many capons and scorpionfish and a profusion of red gorgonians from 12-15 meters.
– Ferranelles:
Superb site, beautiful underwater scenery and rich in wildlife, beautiful rocks outcropping. Multitude of Hervia, dories and flabellines. Moray eel, saupes …

– El Salpatxot:
Many Dalmatians dory corbs, scorpion, capons, pomfret …

– Dofi North:
Superb diving cave covered with sponges, groupers, dories Dalmatians and sars.

The Pros:
The warm, clear water is perfect for beautiful pictures.
Open for all levels
You can see lots of fish even in snorkeling if you do not want to go deeper
The Cons:
Many tourist boats
During the summer months the site is flooded with divers

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