Mangawhai heads trail

Country: New Zealand
Outdoor Activity: Trail
Duration: one hour
Sustainable tourism rating:écotourisme-5-SOL

The SOL team tested the Mangawhai heads trail (Mangawhai cliffs walkway). Once you are in the center of Mangawhai, head the “Surf beach” and the start of the trail at the parking lot next to the beach.

The trail begins on the beach: go left and you’ll reach a black sand beach. At the end of this beach, two solutions offers to you: you can either do the loop ( carry on on the beach following the creeks and come back on the costal path. Important: the return by the beach is only possible at low tide, check it before going.




If you want to do this path in a sportive way try the trail! We recommend you to the costal track only. The beach path is a succession of beautiful coves where you can find beautiful shells and go for a swim. The beaches are rockier and end of the trail is over pebbles and rocks, it is sometimes difficult to operate on the boulders. Finally you will pass under a natural arch and arrive at the junction with the upper trail path that goes on the top of the cliff.




The second part of the trail is easier and the only difficulty is to climb the stairs. Next, the trail winds through beautiful forests and offers many times a breathtaking view of the sea, the coast and the coves below. (but if you are running you should better watch your steps !)


This trail with stunning views and is nice to do if you have chosen to stay in Mangawhai.



Also in the same city, only 10 minutes from the center a new hike was inaugurated this year (2014). To get to the starting point, go up the road and take the King driveway right hand bend in the hairpin just past a small bridge.

You will cross a hanging bridge and pontoons to reach a dense forest with kauri. To go to the waterfalls you will need 1h30 and for the whole trek count 5 good hours. Hiking is practicable unless it rained a lot the day before!



-You can swimming and run, isn’t it fantastic! (With a little luck, you might even see dolphins).
– Impressive views over the bay from the top.

-some very rocky portions and walking might get painful on the rocks.
– you cannot go at high tide

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