The Lions at The Mourèze Circus

Location: Languedoc-Roussillon – Hérault
Length: 3 hours (for the path we have chosen)
Difficulty: Medium

Only 15 minutes from Lake Salagou and 45 minutes from Montpellier, you will not find lions or clowns but you will have a wonderful surprise when you’ll discover the Mourèze Circus. It is a beautiful setting where you can go hiking among the eroded rocks, beautifully shaped by the nature over the centuries.



SOL has tested a hiking path at the Circus and enjoyed its magnificent surroundings at the sunset.


We have started at the foot of Mourèze village where a sign indicates the Circus hiking paths ( length and difficulty). Hikes are indicated with colored marks along the route. The scenery is spectacular and you will walk between the different rock formations that appear to be out of nowhere. It is a pleasant hike and we advise you to avoid the hottest hours in summer. If you have some energy left you can refresh yourself at the lake Salagou a few miles from there.



SOL recommends this beautiful spot where you can practice many other outdoor sports: mountain biking, sailing at Lake Salagou …


The Pros:
– Splendid rock formation
– Incredible nature at only 45 minutes from Montpellier


The Cons:
– There is no free parking in Mourèze


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