Liaucous via ferrata

Country : France
Region : Liaucous – Aveyron
Duration : 4 h
Difficulty: 2 ways for easy and a difficult levels 1 zip line,4 monkey bridges, 1 footbridge
Sustainable tourism rating:écotourisme-5-SOL

The Via Ferrata of Liaucous is situated at 25 km east of Millau, at the end of Tarn’s Gorges and at 5 minutes by car from Le Rozier.
Let your car at the parking lot at the left at the entry of Liaucous.


After a walk of 30 to 40 minutes, you’ll arrive at the departure of the Via Ferrata.

This Via Ferrata has two routes one for begginers and the other one more difficult. Some parts are common to the 2 routes and the junctions are well indicated. If you want to be sure that you are able to do the difficult one, try it at the first branch. Like this you will have a clear idea about the difficulty level for the rest of it. The easy route is accessible for all levels but you must not fear the emptiness . If you are looking for some adrenaline, don’t miss the final zip line!

The way back to the village (approximately 45 minutes)is a hiking path, a bit too long… but you can enjoy the nice panorama.


You can rent your equipment at Liaucous (14 € per person). You can also find some renters at Le Rozier or Millau. For a safer journey ( for families with kids), you can do the Via Ferrata with a professional guide for 30 € per person.
SOL warmly advises you this Via Ferrata with dramatic scenery on the Tarn Valley.


The Pros :
Many renting and sport opportunities around
Routes for each level and a lot of possibilities to climb with naturals grips in rocks.
Beautiful landscapes
The hike is a bit long and steep
Some parts of the easy route are less interesting because you just walk along the cliffs and not really climb.



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