Flowing on the Tarn river

Country: France (Languedoc-Roussillon / Lozère)
Outdoor activity:Kayaking
Time: 2 hours to several days
Difficulty: Easy
Sustainable tourism rating:écotourisme-5-SOL

Tarn’s Gorges and the Ardeche Gorges are two of the most famous canoeing and kayaking spots in France. Many journeys are possible (from 7 to 30 km) and you can start from almost all the villages along the Tarn (Ispagnac, St. Eminie, Saint Chely du Tarn, the Malene …).



Our Top 3 journeys:

Sainte Eminie – The Malene (12 km – 4 h)

This journey is accessible to all and you will discover some beautiful villages and castles perched above the Tarn. The passage of St. Chely du Tarn is just gorgeous with the waterfall that falls into the river from the village. When you arrive at the Malene you will cross a small dam for canoe (about 1.5 m high). Adrenaline guaranteed but the passage is not so difficult.



The Malene – Pas de Souci (11 km – 3 h)

This journey is for many the most beautiful because it is the most isolated in the Gorge. It is easy and the river flow is good. You will be forced to stop just before the Pas de Souci because it is a rocky chaos canoeing.

All along the Gorges and in particular from the Malene to Le Pas de Souci, you can find many climbing routes for all levels (see our article on climbing in the Gorges du Tarn).

We advise you to stop at the viewpoint of Le Pas de Soucy, the view of the rocky chaos is very idyllic.



Les Vignes – Le Rozier (11 km – 2 hours)

This journey is the most sportive and is our favorite one, with some fast parts that you can also so in rafting (or canoraft). The departure is from Les Vignes village and you can get out just after Le Pont du Rozier ( free parking).

If you want to rent a canoe or kayak, you have the choice ! Prices are reasonable and the journeys are from 2 hours to several days (starting from 12 € per person for a 2 hour descent).



The pros:

Breathtaking landscapes
Many possible itinerary and you can do several days of bivouacking
Can be combined with climbing, hiking, canyoning, or even bungee jumping!
You must get up early if you want to have the river for yourself in July and August :))

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